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Der Jayixthenreichischerland Kaiserreich

General History
The Jayixthenreichischerland Kaiserreich was created after the unification of the Jayixthenreichischer continent under the iron fist of Jay-Arh I den Leyadel. An empire was born out of the 10 kingdoms that divided the land and competed with each other in a vital strife for their survival. After Leyadel had achieved a unified realm after the Unification Wars, the realm experienced a boom in innovation, education, as well as wealth and stability. Unfortunately, this golden age would fall apart as the rebellious kingdoms under Jayixthen rule had sought to liberate themselves from the Kaiserreich and form their own autonomous states. A series of civil wars ensued and pushed the Jayixthenreichischer continent to a breaking point that led to great losses, great achievements, and drowned themselves forward to face a dark realm of bloodshed and sacrifice. Unity was achieved through Jay-Arh II’s despotic rule yet rebellious and underground groups had plots to retain their status of independence. The industrial age had affected the whole of Jayixthenland and colonies ensued. Some were near the Jayixthenreichischer oceans such as the Kreuzburg Archipelago while some from Der Alte Kaiserreich were left forgotten or occupied by foreign groups such as New Ergeburst which is now known as Ergeburgestadt in Umardoloth. A temporary age of prosperity commenced shortly after and only the future could determine the path of the Jayixthenreichischerland Kaiserreich.

The Jayixthen Kaiserreich has been reestablished into the world. New members will receive training from Jay-Arh himself and will be stationed among the various kingdoms: Leyadel, Szjinithland, Kossis, Leithenland, Silbus, Tolorowul, Luworolot, Preuze, Schieterland, and Poochball-Land.
Training will involve 1 on 1 training that will focus on 3 segments: A) Defense B) Offense C) Movement.
Training will also prepare members for a placement test that will determine their rank and skill among the other officers of the Jayixthen Realm.
To join, please contact KaiserJayArh through this forum page or by confirming a request through the Samurai Wars app itself.

Umardolothian Empire - Allies to the End

Policy and Rules
1)The Jayixthenreichischerland Kaiserreich has its own agenda to fulfill. Do not stir up trouble with other factions unless you have the confirmation of the Kaiser of Jayixthenland - Jay-Arh himself. Note that Jay-Arh is spelled as Jay-Arh and has a profile picture of the Jayixthen flag. If you see anyone else labeled as “Jay-Arh” with no picture of the Jayixthen flag or with a different spelling then they are FAKE! Please be cautious when talking to other people that have a phony account! They are most likely there to stir up trouble within the Kaiserreich itself!
2)Unless the Kaiser beckons do treat other players with respect and uphold the highest standards of Jayixthenland. You are representing the Kaiserreich!
3)Obey your Kaiser, Jay-Arh
4)Seek new members and encourage them to join The Jayixthenreichischerland Kaiserreich please avoid generic players to prevent complications

Leyadel: Leyadel, Bewehlen, Loseemand, Auguststadt, Papili, Klauzer, Kalithi Archipelago, East Athole
Szjinithland: Szjinithstadt, Stalshaven, Sellburt, Bukszu, West Athole
Kossis: Byrol, Luetzdoerf, Gazaehlen, Splet, Solutus
Leithenland: Ausgottingham, Pelui, Bopal, Ausgotti, Auschreim
Silbus: Calthinia, Ditole, East Beider
Tolorowul: Tolorowul, Shully, North Baritole
Luworolot: Luworolot, South Baritole, Laube
Preuze: Preuze, Beplicus, Saukina
Schieterland: Schieterstadt, Ergeburst, West Beider
Poochball-Land: Poochball Village, Klubuzu, Dulmezi

Major Cities
Poochball Village

Courts (Heirarchy)
Leyadel: Kaiser, Koenig, High Nobility, Middle Nobility, Low Nobility, Upper Middle Class, Lower Middle Class, Commoner
Szjinithland: Koenig, Middle Nobility, Low Nobility, Upper Middle Class, Lower Middle Class, Commoner
Kossis: Koenig, Middle Nobility, Low Nobility, Middle Class, Commoner
Leithenland: Koenig, Reserved Commoner, Unreserved Commoner
Silbus: Koenig, Commoner

Jay-Arh - Koenig of Leyadel, Kaiser of Jayixthenreichischerland
KC-135 NKAWTG - Koenig of Leithenland
BobTheShogun - Koenig of Kossis
copp3r24 - Low Nobility of Leyadel
LegitGamer1017 - Koenig of Luworolot

Jayixthenreichischerland during the outbreak of The First Jayixthen Civil War


Jayixthenreichischerland after The First Jayixthen Civil War

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Jayixthen Light Tank

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Jayixthen Schlachtkreuzer

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Jayixthen Kreuzer

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Jayixthen Zerstoerer

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Jayixthen Milch_Mann Squadron

Jayixthen Fighter

Jayixthen Military

Imperial Staff
Kaiser Jay-Arh
Admiral Bewehl
General Buttingham
General Mich Mann

Jayithen Kriegsmarine Schiff (JKS)
JKS Bewehlen (Schlachtkreuzer)
JKS Loseemand (Kreuzer)
JKS Athole (Kreuzer)
JKS Papili (Zerstoerer)
JKS Klauzer (Zerstoerer)
JKS Goewehl (Zerstoerer)
JKS Stalshaven (Schlachtkreuzer)
JKS Ziedenburg (Kreuzer)
JKS Verdz (Zerstoerer)
JKS Bustal (Zerstoerer)
JKS Gazaelehn (Schlachtkreuzer)
JKS Byrohl (Schlachtkreuzer)
JKS Lutzdoerf (Schlachtkreuzer)
JKS Beibehl (Kreuzer)
JKS Bauscher (Kreuzer)
JKS Arschreim (Zerstoerer)
JKS Bopal (Kreuzer)
JKS Ausgottingham (Zerstoerer)
JKS Piebu (Zerstoerer)
JKS Nieber (Cargo Ship)
JKS Zollup (Cargo Ship)

Honorable Squadrons

4th Leyadelsich Squadron (Milch Mann Regiment)
Defeating the Leithens at the Battle of Loseemand, recapturing Auguststadt from Leithenland, defeated the 7th Szjinith Division near the Athole Fringe Colonies

2nd Szjinith Division (Fast-Arms Division)
First Field Battallion
Second Field Battallion
Third Field Battallion
Defeating the Tolorowulian 14th Squadron near the Baritole Mountains, Defending Bukszu from 12th Leyadelsich Regiment

8th Kossis Division (Turbanator Division)
Eradicating Szjinith and Leyadelsich 12th and 19th Regiments at the Splet Desert, Recapturing Leyadelsich-occupied Byrohl

3rd Leithen Battalion (Stone-High Militia)
67th Landchester Battallion
Countering the Leyadelsich Advance to Ausgottingham, Defeating Leyadelsich 9th Regiment at the 2nd Leithen Ridge of Ausgotti atop the high mountains (avalanche)

2nd Silbian Battalion (Fisher Squadron Militia)
Launching a successful beach landing in Poochball-Land against the Poochballian 1st Division, defending the Poochballian Coast from Leyadelsich Relief Force 2

1st Schieter Squadron (Greedy Turnip Regiment)
Repelling Silbus Advance to Ergeburst Farm, Breaking the Tolorowulian Siege of Schieterstadt

5th Tolorowulian Squadron (Hill-Plower Regiment)
Holding off 7th Kossis Division at Shully Plains

3rd Preuze Squadron (Trench-Deep Regiment)
Capturing Kossis Village near Byrohl

9th Luworolotion Squadron (Candy Lancer Regiment)
Successful charge against 14th Leyadelsich Regiment at Laube, Pushing back Szjinith Divisions across the Baritole Rivers, Fending off against Tolorowulian assaults near Laube

2nd Poochballian Squadron (Dulmezi Regiment)
34th Peasantry Swords Battallion
Fending against 2nd Silbian Battalion near Poochball Village

Jayixthen Heavy Tank

Yeah, we need some form of advertisement for our clans

What game are those pictures from?

This is from From the Depths

Uhhhh, so the 2nd Poochballian Squadron is so confused it’s attacking the friendly 2nd Silbian Battalion? Do I sense some civil war?

these squadrons were honoured from various periods in jayixthen history. the empire itself wasnt formed by peaceful talks it was made through Leyadel’s policy of an iron fist to solidify its despotic control over the entirety of the jayixthen realm. Civil war occured after rebellious groups declared autonomy and independence during the first jayixthen civil war but many in the central powers stood by leyadel’s side and fought for unification and order. the poochballion squadrons defendedd their homeland when silbus had planned to transform them to a puppet state after breaking from the jayixthen empire

if you are really confused why these civil wars occured, the empire was made up of 10 kingdoms with each ruled by a single king. These kings pledged allegiance and loyalty over their sovereign Der Kaiser who is both King of Leyadel and Emperor of Jayixthenreichischerland. When tensions between the various ethnic groups occured in the empire, civil unrest would occur. Running an empire with 9 other people was a very interesting experience.

Yeah but this is happening in the post. Is the idea that Civil War is constant and that Jayixthen is un-unified? Or is that just one of the Rebel factions? You list them both as “yours” but they are fighting each other?

this is jayixthen history. as of right now its unified so there is no civil war

I was simply adding on some history of the jayixthen empire. keep in mind there is much more than conquests and simple military achievements. Jayixthenland had experienced milestones and achievements in other areas such as music and other forms of art.

OHHHH!!! Now I getcha!