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Do any of you guys play PUBG


I Would like to play with you guys on that game


You can start off by playing this game instead!


I have it. PUBG Account: j_d_j_gamer20

My second Samurai account is The Gondorian, by the way


PUBG is fucking cool just got it a week ago really fun


Ya its lit I made a clan if you want join


Oh cool I’m making a team on pubG if you guys Wana join


Do you have a clan in this game


What is it


Its Team SMS and my game name is SMS SuperMarioSonic


I play


Add me !! I’m hooked on the game


I need to update but give me your name



What’s yours ?!?




Its my YT channel


You going to be on right now ? Update dude the desert map is a bitch though


I will it’s on my moms phone that’s the prob I need to get spase


Dayum space is a bitch with that game but yeah man add me or I will going to get some more brews but I’ll be on in a few


Hay can we do a match to get back in shape I’m sorta rusty


I couldn’t find you on pubG man