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Earn gold for territory wars

I Centurion am the wealthiest in all the land of active forum games i carry the heaviest war chest overflowing with gold, that i have accmulated threw fast battles that bring armies down in minutes elite and noobs alike and was cautios with my general to recive my gold coins that have bought me w although i never kept my general from battle at times he leads the charge i stay cautious and smart in his use. I am here to spread the wealth to honer the players wealth in the forum ancient world whomever care to test there tactical skills. These games are a good way to challenge yourself i’ve used all these tactics and can demonstrate if you wish but these games cost you nothing but gain you GOLD its just a fun way to play with disipline i can coach if you would like, all these games that are played for currency can be spent in Territory Wars forum game. These tactical games will specialize in unique rules that will cause you to use spacific tactics to survive the more you follow the rules the more gold yobankn earn it will be based on a point system each point is gold . To play you will have to leave a spacific time and timezone you will be on so i can witness your battle if multiple people are joined to play a spacific game time will be the factor to deside the winner. leave a post of intrest and the game you wish to play, you may even leave a challenge and spacific rules with a payout that you have earnd in worrior bank
The Rain of Death
1.this challenge requires that the ENEMY range are the first to route before any enemy infantry and that your range is alive at the end
2gold per ENEMY range routed))))((((if you lose a range =-2gold from total


YOU GET 3 TRY’S must wait 2 days to challenge a spacific challenge again
This task is a difficult requires you to route the calvary 1st before any other units route and yours must be surviving at the end
each cav routed=2gold gen3gold must be routed before any other unit to count
any of your cav routed=-2gold

Power Move
This task requires you to use infantry and calvary and charge the enemy in no spacific way all that is required is your range not to engage in battle or to be set aside or sent to be killed. Every differant weapon unit SET is worth 2 gold

in all these scenerios if you keep the unit your

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