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Easier to join, access and use clans


I think that it would be quite good if there was some sort of section where people could do things like clan wars and other related things. I think it would be good because it would be easier for players to be active in their clan and it would just make the game better.


I would just like to say that this should be a second focus because I really would like to see those cannons and matchlocks in the game.


There is…it’s called the clan section you just tap on it and everything clan-related will be there.


Yes, there’s the clan forum category. Do you want me to add a #clans channel on Discord?

I’m also open to ideas how to better integrate clans with the game itself.


Well first there needs to be more than 1 active clan.


I suppose what I mean is that there should be a bit more organisation rather than just a chat.


He wants clans to be more complex and prominent in the game