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Españoles los convocó


Bueno soy nuevo en el juego y me gustaría saber si algún Español o Latinoamericano Tiene un CLAN En Español


Hola no hay clanes en español pero puedes unirte a mi clan The Roman Republic yo si hablo español pero los otros jugadores no


Vale Dime Como unirme


Mira vas a donde dice T.R.R is recruting y luego escripes puedo unirme y agregas T.R.R enfrente de tu nombre


:beers: Quihúbole putos De donde son :beers:
¡ Viva México ! :mexico:

:martial_arts_uniform: El clan más chingon de SAMURAI WARS es el RED :eye:EYE CLAN

Pero para entrar tienes que ser MASTER
:martial_arts_uniform: :crossed_swords:


No familiar vine Buenos MI’s bus Abuela son espanoles Peri MI’s Abuela son DE chihuahua Peri no papa DE parts DE no papa so Abuela ed DE Noriega y to slide TEXAS!


Nox KSE saise you have the same skill


His alright but to say the same is giving himself to much credit

I beat him in Both games in the tournament

And plenty of times before



Awebo viva Chihuahua :mexico:


Nox wana do a tornament


Sure man I’m not really good with setting them as I’m usually out but let me know when



Do you have early access


No i do not I can barely afford my :beers:


So that could be prize


Yeah they did that last tournament it got a lot of players interested :snake:


We would haft to call felix to talk bout the pri


Thats how KSE got


If you think you can handle most of the set up I’d be in :japanese_ogre:

:metal:t4:Maybe the other elites interested in helping too :beers:


Yeah I was in that tournament :japanese_ogre:went undefeated


But didnt win