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Exclusive Mongol Horde Clan created...for the feared and the hated!🎖



You must have early access!
You must put “The Mongol Horde” shield as avatar!
You must be viscious brutal and not give a damn!
You must be at constant war with everyone and everything!
You must be all races combined in one woman or man like the 95 summer jam!
You must hate kingdoms and empires and be their destroyer…untill death!


Destruction shall be the mark you leave in this world passing to the next!

All in the Mongol hoard are equals, there are no millitary or political ranks among the ones roumored to be demons!



Can I join?


You don’t even play normac why do you want to join


I’ve been playing a little bit. I’ll be around for a little while. Crni just kicked my but in a game.


Oh lol


Yes Noremac! Put the logo and join! I do expect you to be more active and constantly seek improvement though! More than lately :)! And host custom games online and of course train in diverse custom scenarios with me! All our battles from now on are concidered “friendly” and I look forward to improving our game with each others cooperation!


Hay NO MAS boxing was made by the Greeks and English colony’s are the most civilized


Boxing was not made by greeks! Greeks did “pancration”, greek boxing which has little resemblence with boxing today, you need to study! Modern boxing has it’s roots in England!

India civilized the English if anything! Australia is built on genocide, the US is built on genocide and slavery if that is “civilized” to you, I’d say the indigenous people of Papua New Guinea are more civilized! The rest of the english colonies were left in ruins to fend for them selfes, sometimes in cvil wars as the maps the english drew did not take any concideration to ethnic boundaries as England continiued to bleed them dry of resourses and never really gramted them any political or economical freedom! Were the english in Rodesia civilised? Honestly scipio I don’t think you know what Rodesia is (well before you look it up of course) and I don’t think…no…I know you are heavily underqualified to discuss colonial history and the industrial revolution!
And the funny thing is…after all the theft from all the corners in the word, large parts of London look like the third world! And that’s freaking London…

This is a grown-people topic Scipio!


Well any way how are you criticising England atleast they have done something and India is a shit hole how can you say they are sivilized and before you attack England for doing things what has your country ever done all Bulgeria has done is lose to the goddamned Turkes


Vae victis, brofam


Scipio your ignorance shines bright, as I said this is talk for grown ups! Since you know very little about what you speak I will be happy to enlighten, just ask! But at your level right now, a historical conversation is damn near impossible, so I am not going to engage!


Very well my friend I still have a lot to learn on history of the world at the moment I am learning about the Greek history


But you should know that India is a shithole lol and I did know pancration is different from modern boxing but I thought it was from there that modern boxing evolved


Now you are starting to sound extremely unintelligent! Thank you for lettimg me know…


Crying, bitching, frustration…then more bitching and crying…the a lot of foooking HATRED! My God…calm ur little bitchass nerves down…


Who is that ?


Another Horse Lord! I dont know…he seems to be into ponyplay…


I will eat all of you , shurda was defeated by me , I have a 3 to 0 score on him , you will all be assimilated into the collective . Resistance is futile


Chikacrini you need to not talk down to my clan leader , you don’t want to make enemies


Oh btw , your disrespect to my clan leader outright from the beginning has left me no choice , I declare war on your clan