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Exclusive Mongol Horde Clan created...for the feared and the hated!๐ŸŽ–


Can we do that without The Horse Lordโ€™s approval?


Btw pretty early in the clans history to be declaring war on the second biggest clan. Mebe we should play it cool, gather our resources. Mobilise our forces.


Zhao can he is second in command


k wat rank am I. A lowly foot soldier? Must I prove myself on the field of battle?


Yes atm


Here is ur clan leader! Crucified on the Appian Road!


Even if I would have beaten you would have run


i Will fight you sir soon enough, the mongol hordes leader will have his head on a pike after I fight him




Fight me


ur nowhere to be found


Neither are you


Iโ€™m here waiting


am green waiting n ready in the lobby


Are you shurda?


5 minutes already


wish I could watch this


Shurda is defeated , he lost with no honour , he ran from me enemy though he knew it was over, shurda is th alt of the clan leader. Therefore I have defeated the leader of this clan. This clan leader is a coward with a loud mouth . Do not join him . HAIL VICTORY!


Yโ€™all need to chill. Boxing is a unique form of martial arts in that it was developed in many different cultures independently of each other. The technique is a little different overall the concept is the same.


I was chasing ur archers and matchlocks untill my infantry got gunned down and completely destroyed ya cunt, what r u talking about! If it was the other way around you cunts would have given shit and wanted me to engage in a suicide battle with my range against the infantryโ€ฆbut since I was the one with the slow hopeless infantryโ€ฆbitches didnt say shit about that! Stay concistent with your oppinions, because they seem to change depending on who they regard! You all are just the typical bulliesโ€ฆthe whole clan, whitch usually gets destroyed in the battlefield and now after two close victories they are all loudmouthed! We shall meet againโ€ฆ