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Exhaustion For Troops


I think Exhaustion should be in this game because when the battle is over, and you clearly won, but your opponent has archers or even worse horse archers hell just run around for a while. And of course this is not the only reason it would also make combat more strategic in multiple ways.


Of corse going uphill would exhaust them


So in the scenario of ”when the battle is over” and your opponent has his archers left to run, what units do you have left? I mean, when it becomes a problem for you and you have to chase for a while?


Really its a problem with any units because. When you clearly won you have all your infantry left but he just runs around knowing hes gonna lose but just wasting my time its annoying.
And it would also make gameplay much more interesting.


Do you get it now apex?


Not really! What do you mean, you have your infantry left, all of it, and your opponent has archer units left??


It happens all the time i wasn’t explaining one specific time. Just giving a general idea but let us say a full unit of. Katana samurai,two half units of lower class spears. And a unit of cav against half a unit of horse archers running around.


By lower class i mean ashigaru


Ok, I dig! But lets say two full units katana, three half ashigaru, half a cav vs half a unit of archers and a little more than a half cav unit? How would you feel then?


if its foot archers and i have cav thats not a problem


Oh sorry, I remember with you the question must be extremely precise toget the right answer! In the scenario I stated above, would you call it ”pointless runnng”??


Why’d you quote pointless running? nobody said that


Well it doesn’t matter anymore the creater of the game saw it and liked it. If he understands me thats all i care about


Ok sorry I shouldnt have quoted it! Can you answer the question!


It is great that the creator liked your idea, I am happy for you if anything!


If I wouldn’t have quoted ”pointless running” (exelent remark by the way), would you have answered my question?!?


No because there’s no point i only made this post for the creater anyway


If you wanna talk we can talk in the lobby


Much faster that way


Communication got obstructed once more, fuck it, the important thing is the creator heard you and even liked your idea, right! Wanna battle :wink:?