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Falling off the edge while chasing


I still cant understand what that is supposed to be good for!


And if a routed unit say range for example has recovered and is standing close to its exitpoint…trying to finnish them is ridicullously risky business, since ur cav is one inch from dying all the time!


Agreed, moved to Bug reports


I don’t mind this so much because it simulates how sometimes in battles a faction of an army would chase a unit clear off the battlefield and just keep going and going but it’s certsinly not ideal sir. That is what happened in one of Hannibal’s first battles in Italy. Part of the Roman army achieved success but then they marched so far they basically exited the battle.


Agreed, again. Imho the bug is that the enemy rallies at the end of the map. That your own units exit because they get carried away while chasing the enemy is a feature.


Endless moral on heavy infantry and general would be cool


The general kind of has endless moral doesnt he


No he leaves after you kill like 3/4 of his army


This is what am talking about! First of all I chase them untill they are at the edge…but they dont fall off they just stand there…and my cav would be lost if I dont pull it out…I mean I litteraly chase them untill I almost fall off…but they stop right before falling off…
And then if you would attack them u have no idea how long its going to take to rout them and thats a guaranteed loss of a full unit for the chaser…so in the midst of battle there is no way in hell you are going to try to rout them even though you have the units to spare


In those situations I feel it’s best to just charge them with numbers at once so enemies by the rim will route again but only for a little short time while my units chase them and falls off too after winning so close to the map (risky) or set up distance units if I have them then shower them and win it that way (safety) …either way in my opinion of playing you have to sacrifice or be willing to sacrifice your troops to win or to at least shake your enemy and collect to info…good thing we got unlimited stamina and ammo :crystal_ball::robot::man_shrugging:t2:


Don’t mind me,just reading old replies


Maybe you should only fall off/exit the map if your unit is broken, like in TW.