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Felix make a siege map


Felixe plz make a seage map so we can do seage battles and also let us pick our own troops and many new units


Unit picking will be part of custom match hosting, but I need to finish server functionality before moving on to game play features.


Oh OK hay how do you make this game what app do you use cuz it would be nice if you cuz make a Greek game like this except that it could have Persians and Greeks and other people


The game is written in C++ with some parts in JavaScript. I’m using JetBrains IDEs: AppCode for iOS, WebStorm for web, and Android Studio for Android.

I would love to do a version set in the ancient / roman era, but I’m taking one step at a time.


Felixe I made the YouTube channel can you watch it


whats the name?


What’s YouTube name?