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Felix plz make a siege map plz


Nikodile plz make a siege map and free for all @nikodil


That would be cool as hell


Actually, I’m working on finishing the custom match hosting service, so that you can host your own maps. I will also need to improve the map editor with things like buildings and bridges, but I’m taking one step at a time.


Will the hosting be free and if not is there a way to win it by playing in a tournament or it would be cool to have a point system of some kind of thing that awards good play such as differant catagories of tactical skills can have a skill badge or something to be able to show prestige and a certain goal to aim for ,would this be a feature you think you would see in your game


There is a cost for running the servers in the cloud and the bandwidth so there will need to be a small fee for hosting matches. Rewards, points, rankings, etc I’m thinking about, don’t know yet.


Ok im excited to see. I think if you added a system of ranks of some sort it would bring players back and would be willing to spend $$$, its hard to find veteran players that consistantly play many are 1 timers it seems they download game then become inactive after a week or so. I love the tactic possibilities of this game theres so many ways to play but find it hard to find consistant players many seem to need more of a purpose or somesort of competition to drive them back to play. Either way i love the game its addicting to play if you like true stratigy war games like i do i rank it second to non as far as apps go


Hay Felix I can already host a match but when I do no on can see me in the lobby


I think that would be cool


It is possible to host matches with the latest beta, but it requires Early Access. For those that supported the game on Patreon that should already work. I’m in the process of setting up the game on, the page is up and donations are working, but I need to do some final touches before I make it public.


How long does it give you early acess for, if we donate’ does it mean we can host with all the regular community or is there a seperate exclusive community


Do you have to have a paypal account for tribute to Patreon?


Ya Felix if I donated I cant send you money through paypal cant you like add it on app store


Early Access is valid until Jan 31 2019. Hosted matches appear in the regular list of matches, where anyone can join or be invited. I’m now using instead of Patreon, and supports both paypal and credit card payments. I will be adding App Store and Play Store support later on, but for now it’s only Note that Early Access is registered with your forum account email address, so you can use it on any platform (web, ios, android).


Oh ok ill wait till the app store feature comes out. I dont have pay pal and i dont like putting my card info on sites that i dont know or arnt big companies that i feel more secure in but cant wait till i can use my google account


Same as cenurion man


I will never pay for any games


By the way, the river functions good enough for a bridge, and the bridge would have some kind of collision box on the side, which takes a lot of work and will be very buggy, so I suggest not doing a bridge, but instead work on the river


The custom feature makes it so worth it


But sieges were quite somewhat uncommon in the warring states time


I have been playing for a month ,and i still do not know how to make maps.