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Fighting,throwing,charge and walking animation


I was wondering if you will ever add fighting,throwing,horse charge and walking animation.Oh and also 3D view if you can

I think we should have add some victory point

Take easy on the creator a bit…moving legs is a damn good start…one thing at a time! But I think he’s busy with some other shit than graphics now!


I do plan in adding some animations, probably 2D (not 3D, except perhaps for tanks). But currently that’s low priority.


Tanks? That must be some terminology that I’m not familiar with!


exactly, whats going on ???


Well, admittedly tanks were rare during the sengoku jidai period, but if I were to add them, they would need to be 3D in order to animate the turret rotation.


You should add refinements features to the current game like Maybe damage to cav /range could slow the speed of range and cav, or rockets would be cool maybe they could counter speed units when runing it could be used to target the fleeing units. The steadier you are the more accurate it is. The graphics are more then suitable i think but the depth of battle could go so much deeper not that its not good now but certain realistic feature will make it quicker more intence and the rockets would add another layer to this great game



A better design shall be found to limit time spent chasing range units forever.

Limited amo is probably the easiest thing to do

Time limit may be another?

And finally some rude, insulting and racist individuals shall be moderated

That’s only my 2 cents!

Merci for this amazing game, creator!


Everything Napoleon wrote above has its base in a very…extremely frustrating loss he suffered…All his ideas came from that loss…“limited ammo” hihi…Im sure Nikodil will change his game up just so it suites u perfectly! Nuff said this is a developement threat, I wont pollute it anymore!


I know that changin, the design to disincentivize fleeing tactics and prolonged game will hurt you.

You need this to win, evidently.

This is for the benefit of the game though, and has nothing to do with my win over you (not loss but who cares, and I dislike people stalking me please thx).

Total war solved for this in 2 ways
1) limited amo for range units : when amo is out, can’t shoot anymore

2). Endurance : units can’t run forever and slow / die from exhaust after prolonged running time

Thank you for your consideration!


Actually Nikodil…I though the units were 3D al along lol…


No limited anything @GeneralNapoleon this isn’t total war its SAMURAI WARS and I like it as is if you cant chase forever save cav I never run if someone runs away I let him win I dont care about winning or about being beaten by some runner as long as I know I’m honest


Moving legs and blood…like some red dots here n there on the battlefield maybe are not that hard to write…I dont know…those two small things would be a great visual lift…Spoken by a true coding leyman!


But heyy tanks…sure …why not…in an additional battle configuration maybe


That’s your opinion. I respect it.

Let me ask you 2 questions :slight_smile:

  1. Why would you incentivize fleeing tactics? Fleeing and chasing makes games last unreasonable time and is not fun. Long games slow servers down and frustrate players like you apparently who rather quit than conclude the game. It’s about game design, not honesty.

  2. why not accepting change ? Every game change and improve… These 2 initiatives are fair, realistic and will tremendously improve AND Preserve the fun gameplay… Nothing to do with copying total war.


And yea…overall I think we should imrove what we have without changing the game too drasticly! Or rather…you…because we dont improve anything…but our skills set…lol


Lol Napoleon is right long boring games do two fold damege they slow servers down leaving more intense fun games glitching, they are extreamly unessarly prolonged games not allowing the intended lunch break game to not be possible. It would be cool if damage slows them down this allows a player to use run tactics well still giving the chaser a chance to actully defeat the player if they make mistakes insted now the runner gets almost unlimited mistakes due to only needing to run away and absolutly no shield wall or a slow down of any kind to counter this


Another one that wants a game customised to his own needs and flaus


U just like it cause it suits your running style a 1 hour game is not fun if your the one chasing


Yea I love this game for what it is and have learned to adapt to it and enjoy its features…to the full!