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Formations for our troops!


I was thinking if formations could be added, with each bearing advantages, here is a list.

Square: Soldiers form a square formation (not ot be confused with Napoleonic ones), it is not useful for charging but works wonders against other charges and cavalry, it also holds up against flank attacks.

Column:Troops move far quicker, however they are horrible at defense, attack, and can be easily flanked, essentially a defense formation.

Line formation: Perfect for covering a wide area and also giving ranged hell, good for charges and average for defense

It would work by cycling through a button by pressing it.


That is a great idea but for it to be really useful the hard part of it is the order of units and spacing. Even if you could customize the arrangement, the order of what units go where is another issue as different matches have different units and if you are missing units etc.


and maybe make it that you can actually stop troops from running thru your men


I have come to realize that the thing about this idea is that when it comes to combat only the front lines and position matters. Squares, wedges, and lines can all be employed in this game, but their values lie only in positioning. On the front lines amount and experience matter.