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Forum roleplay - Interest check


Hello everyone,
I would like to create an roleplay (rp) similar to ones you might see on other sights, like RPNation. What I mean is the player creates a character then makes post about what they are doing in the established story/plot line.

In the rp I would like to create players would play as an officer in an army. The play would be largely sociopolitical with battles in-between scenes. The basic premise would be two groups battling each other. I think some sort of civil war would make most sense for the roleplay to work. While roleplaying each player would more or less do what they wanted. Rp battle will probably not happen since the battle will take place in Samurai Wars.

If people are interested I will make a basic plot and background. If anyone is confused about the concept or have any suggestions please share.



Hi, if you put something in style with this to life, I would like to join.

I would also like to join your division to the Marsany Army.

In role play, I would like to be a Colonel (Under Lt. In the unites states Army and Air Force according to Wikipedia). I would like it o be called Jack o’ Neil a and is a decision cmd. (Yep, Jack o’ Neill f of Star Gate).



Thanks for your interest. I will put something together soon. Three or four people would be a good amount to start with, though I am ok with two.

To join the 1st ARF you should post in that thread.


Here is a brief intro to what I have in mind. In my roleplays I typically leave the background history open ended. I prefer sandbox experiences, but will certainly put in more detail if people require/desire it. Now would be a good time to make a character sheet. I will make one soon as well.

As the bells toll a mournful silence fills the city. Those bells, which give joy to some, sorrow to others, and fear to most, mean one thing. The king is dead.

Such was expected. The king had long been sickly and bedridden. Recently, his only heir died of mysterious causes, setting the political balance into disarray. Who will be the next leader of the nation? Will power shift with ease? Unlikely. Soon the nations various political figures will meet in the castle to discuss the who will be the next leader.


Cool! So did you make it happen more or less??? Also is it going to be custom maps and so ? I’m highly interested, and also, if you see me playing - please join me in a match. Would love to be tested for your clan

Best regards me ;D


We will see what the rp calls for. A custom maps is definitely possible. I was thinking about designing one based off of a city wall.

Custom army sizes will definitely be a thing. How many troops you get should reflect what you do to n the rp.

I mainly want to concentrate on the roleplay aspect. PvP needs will be settled with Samurai Wars. We will have to figure this out as we go. Do you have much experience with forum roleplaying?


Here is my main character. I will try to get some more information on the setting, such as names and political entities (church, state, military, working class). Any ideas would be appreciated. Pretty soon here we should be able to start at the summit. I think it will just be the two of us, but if we get going others will probably join.

Name: Silas Algeron
Rank: Lieutenant
Position: Mercenary hired by the church
Appearance: 6’ with short brown hair, a well kept beard, muscular build, and sharp attractive features.
Brief History: Silas is a member the Mercenary Army. Even before the king had died Silas and his platoon we’re contracted by the clergy. They are currently camped outside the city walls.
Personality: Silas is generally friendly. Congeniality is the best mask for deception.


Funny almost like the main character general for my clan’s backhistory , though not exactly the same…nah never mind


We’re you interested in this rp?


(Here is something more to think about. I’ll make the in character thread soon and repost some of what I already have. I’d like to hear some feedback or suggestions from @Oliver first.)

“People of Spearhaven, it is a mournful day indeed. King Ozmund has died, leaving no heir.” The head priest stood atop The stairs of the palace. Before him the citizens had gathered. Murmurs and wails drifted from the crowd at his words.

“Please join me in a moment of silence for the memory of or great king.” The priest, Shaun was his name, bowed his head. With his a face concealed a wicked grin spread across the man’s face. It was all gong even better than planned. Soon the nation would be his…in the name of God of course


I’m interested in the rp I would just be known as ghost a merc who don’t mess about if that’s ok


Great. Anyone who wants to join needs to fill out one of these character sheets. Feel free to make any changes if you feel the need.

Brief History:


Name: nine tailed fox

Rank: fox

Position: fox

Appearance: fox

Brief History: fox

Personality: fox

Other: fox


Name: Claro Carvades
Rank: Priest
Position: Priest in spearhaven
Appearance: almost 6’, long brown hair, short brown beard, long scar in face.
Brief history: Claro is a priest in spearhaven. He doesn’t like head priest. Veteran of twenty battles. He fought in war as a footsoldier and survived after that he became a priest.
Personality: Unsocial, doesn’t speak much.
Other: prefers longswords


Name: Kiyan V
Rank: High Commander
Position:High Commander in Lania
Appearance: 6ft 7in, White hair, blue eyes(Very Young)
Brief History: Son of Kiyan IV fought against the Scipias and Julias Clans made peace with both for survival
Personality: Friendly, acts like Aries the God of war,
Other: prefers Medium weight armour, Longswords and always wears a helmet or mask


Name: Sylvan Randstock
Rank: Admiral
Position: Commander of a protector fleet of The Royal Merchant Company
Appearance: 48 yrs, grey hair and stubble. Scar along left cheek, 5ft 7. (not too old but hair greyed quickly due to his stressful position.
Brief History: A man who earned his position through many trials, he seeks to do his job and nothing else. Loved by his men for his sheer perseverance, not inspiration.
Personality: Gruff, not really charismatic, reserved.
Other: Has a son who is a lowly officer in his fleet, prefers muskets and longrifles, but not ones that require to much care, due to seawater getting into them.


Are we going to do this? What are your guy’s expectations? I was planning on doing a forum rp style thing.


Ye I’m in


would join but im not availible
just checking in every once in a while


Im in to