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Forum thread for tactics


If you are interested please comment below, I would like decent support from the community as a whole before starting this due to possible backlash. I am a seasoned 8 year tactician with knowledge from multiple formats I hope this is taken well and I would love to help produce more adequate generals!

I think we should have add some victory point

I am interested in having a tactics chat room. I’m not familiar with kik though. Would discord work?


The only reason I chose Kik was because my discord when migrated from sad olde IOS to fancy android OS, now no longer even responds to a click. So discord won’t event launch until they patch it with lollipop devices…I know right?


Due to the troubles of getting a lot of people playing at the same time (Mostly because this community is still very small and from many time zones) a forum thread discussing strategy might be better.

One useful strategy I use is a box. Spears and glaves do a good job slowing down attackers. Samurai can usually get in there and finish the attackers off. This is used to defend against cavalry rushes.

After reading The Book of Five Rings I often think about positioning. I try to move my ranged troops as a unit, They start inside the box (low position), then sprint into attack range (high position). When the enemy responds I either move the ranged units back to the box, or advance the box and turn it into a line (middle position).

There are a couple other attacks from the book of fire I have tried, but that kind of philosophical stuff is hard to relate to specific tactics in the game.


Usually I prefer a glavien circle, or ranged melee cav in a cantiburry circle, with two spears or an equal amount for cussing or forming a diagnol line to each side with a unit facing at a 90 degree angle to the diagnol, the melee troops before them are placed in a semi oval on both flanks, general in back right about 400 gallops before the diagnol spears, and my archer cav and standard archers are all placed about 150-200 steps before my cav in a wide triangle formation. Believe it or not I have gotten seven victories with this tactic and only suffered a loss against thruzan, but he has pre selection of his army so his tactics are intimate and never “forced” based on unit turnout. I have many more tactics, simply that this tactic is my best producer on the river basin map. By opinion of course.


I’ve now made a Tactics category so that it’s easier to find these topics. I’ve moved some relevant topics here, if you anything I missed let me know.


Amazing, thank you!


The “forced” aspect that you refer to is an interesting one. I think of it as guns or bows. When I get bows I like to use my cavalry archers to scout out a good place to attack the opponent from. Then I move my main army to just before that area. Finally my archers rush to the attack position. If the opponent retreats you can just repeat this strategy.

I’m not entirely sure what your units of measurement mean. I like the egg shape formation though.If your archers are being attacked by cavalry do you find it best to move your archers away or move to intercept with your other troops?

One strategy that I feel bad about and I think is actual detrimental in the long run is the most basic beginning cavalry rush. It is fine against experienced players, but against newer players it can be too effective and ruin the game. Miyamoto said to do nothing that is not in the name of strategy. I have been trying (but don’t always succeed) to play in a way that is respectful to new players. I have found that some strategies that work on new players will get me destroyed against experienced players.


I believe that there are really notches of tactics to use based off maps, see with death valley and a new player I would start with a V scatter formation of musketeers and pikemen, cover both flanks with a scout correction force to my rear, general left main offensive, but with experienced opponents there I usually pull a false charge to what is normally pike and cav to the wing sectors, yanking a bridge force of missile backed melee forced through the sides as well with a single of all units in the center to distract. It sounds weak yet most of the time the opponent fails at controlling his units one at a time as with those tactics that is usually called for on defense. If there are grammatical errors excuse me but SW must not be ready for a six inch screen yet lol


I’m having a little trouble figuring that all out. What is a correctional force?


A scout or flanking force deterrent, a mini force of usually around 400-600 that compromises most flanking or scouting tactics, usually a good mixture of much cav some spears a touch of missile and some decent swordsmen


I usually just create a line with evenly spread units, and wait for an attack. Especially since I’ve found that if you try to just rush an enemy, like most of my enemies do to me, you’ll lose morale.


I have been testing a few new tactics using at max six units in two formations at opposite ends of the map, so far it is a butcherfest, add in how you also get the enemy to focus on one whole force thinking they can out move me, and then they get flanked. Its so simple and elementary that I never thought of it before, it causes the enemy to flounder basically


Someone tried to pull that on me the other day and I wiped out their flanking force with three samurai before they could even respond. I won that match without losing a single unit.

The way I like to separate my forces is not to flank, that is just too risky if the opponent can move their whole army together. What I do is keep my samurai in a different group that is stationed at the corner or my ranged units are of attack. This way they can intercept any attack on the main army (as long as you adjust the formation as the enemy advances). Once the opponents gets close you can take out any groups that get separated from the main force and then draw the enemy into your ranged units. More often then not the opponent loses time figuring out whether to retreat, attack the ranged units, or pursue the samurai. I keep retreating the samurai in order to spread out the opponents army and create disorder.


Usually an opponent will try to attack and quickly crush your two groups, one at a time in most cases, either way in the end it becomes easier to manage The battle as you aren’t focusing on a huge image but two small images, each able to be destroyed by the smallest mistake.


In a bit I’ll post a photo explaining what I mean by a few tactics, I’ll have them in close formation using sandbox mode, I’ll show three or four and explain what they are and how they are used, remember these are really objectable and questionable tactics I personally created in spare time, use at your own risk.


Sorry for this but I accidentally pressed reply to thread instead of direct reply,



Can’t figure out how to upload a photo!!


Nice man. This is a great way to explain a tactic. I use this all the time with my entire army. The only problem is that you are firing on your own troops.

I like to retreat my archers through my main army in an arch so the can reposition from a different angle. I use this almost every battle.