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Forum won't close


Oh and another issue I have noticed with the beta! When u press the forum bubble and then press it again to get out of forum and in the lobby, it’s like it automaticly gives another press so you get back in the forum and the you can struggle with that for ages untill you figure out that you can press on the upper side of the screen outside the “forum screen”! And that is an issue both on my iphone6 where I have ios11 and the beta works AND on my ipad4 with ios10 where the beta doesnt work!

New beta build available (180811.0834)

Go figure that out…lol


I had this problem.
When you try to press the forum button again ut doesn’t close, because it registers as open, not toggle, to close the forums press the top tool bar not the forum button.


I will fix this in the next update. Meanwhile, workaround is to tap somewhere else in the top bar.


Also when you exit the forum real quick it doesnt hold your place it refreshes you to the start of forum making you have to click the thread you were previously on all over Again


I also noticed that double-tapping sometimes brings up multiple forums! hmm, feature…? probably not


Here’s an example