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Forum works game is offline, 0players, 0pings


Forum works, game is offline, 0players, 0pings


Server crash again. I will restart and also plan on deploy a server update later today, hopefully fixes the crashes.


Thank you, much obliged, works now!


Today there is some bug that doesnt allow you to join games, when you press the questionmark in the box you go instead in as a neutral, as if you had pressed the middle box! As a spectator one could only see an empty map! Shame, since it was a record 40+ players online, but the invite section was not accesseble either of course!


And one more thing I have been wanting to share! The emojees dont work properly since the big update, chat has been weard at times, even writing dont come out proper sometimes. Cheers


I’m still unable to join any kind of match other than sandbox.