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Found a bug, crash when double tap and pull apart


If your zoomed in all the way ,double tap on a unit and ground simultaneously and pull apart the app will crash

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I have not been able to reproduce this. Could you describe or make a screenshot to illustrate?

(I made the message public in case someone else also have seen this)


Hay nik why havent you been on discord


I’ve been on only occasionally, have had a busy schedule this week


I know its kinda hard to get it, i tried to reproduce in practice got it maybe 1 outta 15 tries but it happends, Ive lost a lotta battles like ths but its not a big inconvenience. The gltching is more of a bigger problem i notice when multiple movement or heavy movement is used by both players it will cause a glitch it could just effect a few units or all. resets my units or or slightly drops them back. I also notice i cant play practice offline did you remove this feature or did my download of the app not download right?. Also does connection have anything to do with glitching or is it the app bugs or??? I love ths games but the glitchin drives me crazy especially when playing good players and thats when it happends the most not sure if the heavy movement causes it


I think it might be the run feature, i split my army in 3 portions and sent to go without runinig and the glitching didnt happen so it might be the run feature and would stamina help with this i like that they can run but if run means they glitch it would be better if it plays smooth rather then it have features that cause serios glitching disrupting the flow of the game. If we had stamina people would use the run feature less, causing less glitch, Also i dont like stamina in games but here it would be great cause you would be forceforce to plan your attack use more stratigy to placements of units and stop people from fleeing. Maybe units that are tired will blink yellow like how they blink when routing u could halt them to recover. I dont know if this would be an extream change to your app but it seems the run feature is the glitch problem atleast for me


ok, it’s good to know that it’s infrequent but reproducable, that helps a lot. Crashes are problably related to the gesture code and not the networking code, but I need to investigate this further.

The glitch with units jumping or teleporting is purely network related, when the movement commands (path and speed) aren’t properly synchronized between devices. I will be adding some sort of stamina/fatigue, but networking problems need to be solved by fixing the the networking code, and after that I can look at changes to the game play.

Current version doesn’t support offline play at all (like earlier versions did). I have fixed this in the upcoming beta, coming really soon.


Oh ok please dont add stamina,if you do please dont let it be to drastici just said that just incase it was the speed of the units that was causing the glitch thats good to know its network code, hope u can fix it cause its making the game a bit difficult to enjoy or even play at some points


Stamina/fatigue is a highly requested feature, and I do think it is important. But if course, it’s only meaningful to add if it actually improves game play.


Alright, I think I found this particular crash. Beta build in progress…


And for the network glitching. Is there anything as a player i can do, Any tips like resetting, or do we have to wait for a network coding fix. Also are you in charge of network code fix or is it are network provider. Not sure how this works just asking so i know if this is a permanent thing or a coming up fix


Could you describe the network glitches in more detail (and your ping), just so I understand exactly what you mean. There’s room for improvement of the networking part of the game, but sometimes the network goes down or is really really crappy, that’s just the reality of the Internet.


Well sometimes it does different things when the ping in the perenthese is greater by 10 to 15 points theres minor glitch some units reset slightly on opponunits side, when the perenthese numbers were higher, ths happend to me when non perenthasised were higher, when the ping got. 68 (160) the game crashed. The pings were jumping around when they were running, but jumped greatly during a mass running charge from my opponent till eventually the game crashed. I dont understand why its gltching much more in the last month or so, i did get a new phone and i was thinking this was the reason but then people started thinking i was causing glitch due to my heavy movement and multiple movement feature style. So thats why i thought the run was the issue cause i would walk a charge and there would be virtually no glitch when both players use run there was heavy ping jumping and glitching.


Hay whene are you going to put my challenge


Is this the reason you dont see these type of pitch battle app games Like this? cause there very unstable glitch wise .or is it the fact that its a live multiple player game that its unstable somtimes I’ve seen others complain about glitching but never really experienced what they ment until i got ths phone and it is frustrating lol i guess thats my carma. Well ok thanks just hope if it is your network code you can find the glitch error cause i love this game and latly its been crazy.


A ping less than 20 is really good, up to 100 ok, and above 200 really bad. My goal is to have the game run smooth for pings up to 100, that should be possible to do. If one or more players have ping above 150 it’s harder to maintain smoothness, because it means that say a single command takes almost half a second to synchronize beetween devices. I should not tolerate crashes no matter what happens, and there are still a few of those that I have to find and fix.

Yes, good networking code is very hard to write. In fact, I would say, much more difficult than making a single-player game. The big expensive FPS games have entire teams focused on just making the networking and matchmaking part of the their games, that they run on big expensive servers. That’s the reason you don’t see many low budget mobile games with this kind of functionality.


Oh, so to bring the ping down means the player with the highest ping needs to give less commands to stabalize the glitching or is it by the time already too late? cause it seems when the pings jump it causes some units to rerout like here

i couldnt get a battle screenshot cause thy happn quite suddenly but its similiar to this, this happends too when you attempt to move them it causes them to reroute this way (by route i mean continue on there path),is there a way to predict what the ping number is going to be on players or is it all circumstatial and jump in no spacific pattern, maybe if 1player has high ping and 1 low it componsates for by giving slower armys to both and starting each other close causing an infantry battle still fun , does your code compinsate for the long command time by reseting units on its path or is that just what happends, if your code does do that could they halt or slow your unit insted, could that be your stamina the higher the ping the less stamina, or the heavier infantry could have no run command, leaving less commands, but make infantry hard to run threw, if at all for cav or range ,infantry could cause heavier damage because it seems heavy multiple (run) movement causes high ping
Either way if you can fix or not its still by far the best game ive ever played even better then those big companies. You must be talented at what you do cause this game has depth . Maybe you could do official tournaments that have a buy in that we can purchase threw are playstore acount you can have a tournament everytime 10 players join bracket and only have to give access to 1, it would add a layer of reality and challenge worth doing and a purpose to get better, creating better competitive players , the prize could be exclusive acess for month that way you can keep all structure the same and creat revenue without adds . I would sighn up probly till i won but glitching games should give you a pass to battle again or create an extreamly stable platform for tournament phase if it becomes a big revenue


It seems mine never goes below 60 ping


Bandwidth is usually not the problem, I think the game uses 10-100 kbit/s depending on the number of units, and that should be handled just fine with any modern connection.

The difficulties are the trinity of latency, jitter, and packet loss. Latency is the time it takes for a packet to travel from your device to the server to the other player devices (typically in the range of 50 - 150 milliseconds). Jitter is more subtle, because each packet can take a different route through the Internet, and consequenly different amount of time to deliver. So the if I send one packet and then another one after 50 ms, and the first one takes 150 ms, but the second one only 50 ms, then the second one arrives 50 ms before the first one. Packet loss simply means that there is no guarantee that a packet ever gets delivered. So if I send a commend, it might get lost in cyberspace, and I will never know.

All of these “problems” (that is, the reality of the Internet), are solved by adding redundancies and checks, so that the game can detect if something is missing or out of order.

If ping goes up to a thousands or more it means the connection is broken, and no packets are getting through. Then, as soon as it reconnects, it re-sends unit positions and commands and that’s when you get those reroutes etc. That can be improved to some extent with prediction and interpolation.