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Found a bug, crash when double tap and pull apart


Oh so is the trinity essentiay the 3 main glitches that occur 1. A minor jump. 2. Reroute or reseting of units . 3.complete reseting of units and mass jumping also one occurs seldom where my units wont move even after multiple attemps ,this must be package loss. I notice number 2.happends in the biggining when both sides are runing and multiple movement is being used to face each other. That means its reseting and gltching because im sending positions of units to server and opponant device simotaniously recieving the information. Could this be fixed by in the bigging not being able to see the enemy till we are in range or i send a scout once spoted there permanently seen, cutting the amount of package my device has to pass along and recieve since the armys are full and alote more packages need to be synced in bigging or maybe we can only have a limited amount of commands we can give at any givin time leading to a more controlled package exchange. Only once its loaded and proccesed it changes frames instead of recorecting itself,not sure if thats what glitch is doing but seems like it. Or it could send then recieve orders and only the orders unanimously synced change the frames that way were both seing the same thing.frequently im fightig glitched ghost .or could for example if 150ms is typically the max couldnt you account for latency by making the time to give a command and see it follow threw longer for example if i give a command to a unit to move and run it could take say 200ms for the unit to respond and be seen on screen,so even if 1 packege is recieved earlier it has time to sequence them in order properly and if an order is sent but not recieved back by 2nd check time from opponant device it could account by giving a fatigue blinking signal halting unit and reset unit orders to blank, if this happends late in game or confused blinking for biggining, blinking signal like how men blink when routing. If my understanding is correct will this help with glitches but add very real elements to the game such as scouting, delayed order response, cunfussion. Im sorry im a natraul brainstormer but that would be cool to see a test app with those features to see if it would make it more stable. Also what do you think of tournament idea since you are gonna sell exclusive access i would think you would make more revenue selling buy in’s to tournaments even a buy in for 2$ for 10 players gives you 20$ so your essentially selling each month subscription for 20$ as a prize and for more unskilled players that are willing to spend$ make each subscription like 60$ a crazy amount that way exclusive access is a true hard faught prize giving a real world feel to the game and a goal to win and be successful. Your not being money hungry like big companies this way its even and fair. The current app can stay as it is free ,as a training and socialising part of the game everyone has a fair and even chance to get exclusive acces and not only bring revenue but since you can have unlimited tournament brackets the top players will constantly be changing leading to more prize givaways which means more money and theres constantly new players maybe this way you could bring in profits hire another engineer to help stablize and add to your game and still stay commercial free and avoid pay to play type of annoying apps


You are right, the game uses what is called “look ahead time”, that is, because it knows that it will take say 100 ms for a command to travel over the network, when you issue a command it will not set the current time as timestamp, but instead use a timestamp say 120 ms in the future. That way the command will take effect at the same time on all devices. This is just one technique for taking care of latency, and the game needs to use many techniques in combination to handle both latency, jitter, and packet loss, and there’s a still a lot of fine tuning I need to do to get it right.

About tournaments etc, that’s very much the roadmap I have, once the glitches are sorted.


Oh ok, cant wait. love this game. Excited to see were this game goes in the future good luck man

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