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Found a cheater

I have found a cheater called Supreme.

His name is Supreme and is trying to get the command block?

WTF are you talking about?? What “command block”?! Try to make sense!!

DO YOU THINK I KNOW COMPUTER SCIENCE? All I know this dude did some weird shit and his opponent lost half of his army!

Naaaah!!! Really??? Naaah!! Nikodil…will you bust this myth!? Or will you intrigue us???

How did his opponent lose half the army??

The game has no support for commands from the chat prompt. Either he is kidding you or just trying random commands commonly found in other games.

If something wierd happenend, it’s probably a glitch, and most likely network related. If it happens again, try to describe what happend and I’ll investigate.

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Myth busted

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That’s minecraft commands?

haha, you’re right, need to add that feature

Im just gonna act like I’m not a complete dumbass

Awww…you’re not a complete dumass at all