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Found out how to get accounts on moblie

So im on moblie right now and I wanted to try and get a account on this forum page. As you all know there is a major big which says your in a diffrent browser try again and no matter what you do it keeps saying that. What I did is I used my Email it dosent matter if its Gmail too it still works for Email. And you Log in that way and get a account that is the only way I found out to Sign in and Log in. Anything else has that bug. For what reason i dont know. If you Log in with Email or Gmail and quit the game you log out now when you come back you must sign in and you hit the Email button you must write your Email and password first then hit the “Sign in with Email” the game will say we have a account close to this and send you a email you the hit the notification that should pop up and boom you just signed on a phone!