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Fuck sof and who ever is in that clan






Fuck you and go to hell I hope you suck Your dick.Son of a motherfucking bitch.Go to hell you fucker you cunt cuck and fuck


Saise the guy called Lucifer :rofl::rofl:


Whats wrong with β€œLucifer”? And whats funny about it…? You make no sence!


But can you beat us tho


Do you really doubt that? If you are speaking for yourself, then you know perfectly well, with great certainty that I can beat you easily! YOU know it…


Well i wouldnt say easily and i dont believe we’ve fought before if you would like to set an appointment just let me know ill even let you pick the map i can host matches


I have beaten you the last times you were on then you left


One time junior! And then its like…I can forget about any rematches because ur a forum guy again or in the comfort zone of 2 vs 2!


Yea lets do it next time we are on!


Idi Nahui


Heheh win or lose I’m gonna hold that win over your head forever ! :cold_face: and you ran you away like I said you always do! :joy::hole::person_fencing: almost had us that one but not good enough :cold_face::crystal_ball::person_fencing: you running is why I don’t ever want to play you on singles :expressionless:


Also bragging about winning isn’t my style but for you it definitely is ! Adapt or die! I play on an iPhone 8 if you’re wondering :cold_face::person_fencing:


Ya man we reked them lol


Haha wasn’t his teammate in your clan


Ya lol but we are at war on the territory map so


Of course your’re gona hold on to it forever…and of course you will brag about this particular win! You will print the screen and hang it on your wall among your most prescious achievement! Thats great! And no I did not run, could have really prolonged it into a kiting one on one session…that you should be gratefull for that I did not…

With all that said! You did not beat me, it was 2 vs 2, you and the other guy beat me and…the other guy! That dont count as beating a player!


How about we do a 2v2 but with separate armys that way it will be more even


Sorry I dont get you! Do you want to battle or not? It sounds like you are complicating things, its easy see me online, catch me in a game, press ready! Thats all…easy