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Future development question

Hey quick question in the game their is gunners right, so is their a chance we might get canons in samurai wars future updates.


They didn’t really have cannons

And a cannon wouldn’t really help against fast moving units which can target the cannon and take it out quickly

Ya i thnk cannons would b pointless unless we had structures

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They are not…lol! So nice to catch Centurion with the wrong prediction hehe! Cannons are hella fun! Anyway…Nikodil please…please…can we add another rinkle to this game…Fog of war would be fantastic…some sort! Stamina option, limited ammo option! huh? Please homie…what do we gotta do???


in custom when there is a deployment time, there are only two deployment fogs and not one for each team, which is not so good

ok noted

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I think there should be a sort of overhaul with the combat mechanics.

  1. Morale needs to redone, units shouldn’t route on mass so easily and there should be morale defects and bonuses such as morale defects when flanked or surrounded and morale defects when General is dead, morale bonuses when General is present and near and bonus should be multiplied when General is fighting alongside his men, this would encourage people to use they’re Generals more wisely and give more thought into combat .
  2. Archers, archers are quite broken as they have infinite ammo, excessive damage and high speed that makes almost every match come down to archers, cavalry archers are even more broken because they can dodge arrows, outrun cavalry and are virtually unstoppable. Both cavalry and infantry archers should be a bit slower, have limited ammo and have less damage output .


Is update almost here???

yes, I hope to do the web version update this weekend

You’re too right. I think that damage is fine however, speed is the main issue with long range units.

The one thing i really wish was fixed in routs is a bug where the unit will unrout then instantly unrout because there is another unit routed near them, quickly destroying your whole army.

almost ready to be deployed, but I stumbled on an issue with authentication that I need to resolve first (one of those subtle differences between the development and production environments that always go unnoticed until the very last stage of testing)

Ever fix multiplayer custom mode where the armies don’t load on the outer maps to deploy custom units for every player?

Hey felix I’ma be playing more so when you get a update for mobile, you should kick me some free warlord tokens :smiley: I used all mine while the multiplayer mode was bugged or is I should say is :pensive:. I was trying to hold out to use my last but I can’t wait :smile:. Or make it play store available to donate ide gladly pay.

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