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Future Roleplay

So I’m thinking about doing a Roleplay Staring 12 Profiles 4 Profiles a Clan.

Clan Hell
Clan hell Aka kingdom of hell is the Oldest out of the 3, Clan Hell is The most Strict and Military Founded Kingdom since birth, Having the Largest Military and City Clan Hell is Seen as Evil and Should be Destroyed from earth

Clan Godden
Clan Godden is the second oldest playing out of the 3 this Clan has mostly found it itself on farming and military tactics and is Clan hell’s enemy since birth having the second largest army keeps everyone on their toes and if the tree is one to destroy hell for once and all

Clan Zues
Clan Zues is The Baby of the Clans being only founded 200 Years after the other Clans ((DOB 307 B.C. of 2 Oldest Clans DOB of Zues 107 B.C)) Zues is Founded out of Thieves and Murders Which Makes their Ranks Feared by Godden but having 100,000 Less soldiers Then Them
Zues is a Neutral Clan and Hasn’t decided which Clan to Join Who Ever They pick Could Be the Winner of the war

If you Like the idea LMK

I’ll like to be in Clan Zeus.