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Game is covered by the power of light (iOS)


Here ya go, 8/10 game is covered by the power of light

Constantly enters a white field the entire game is hidden

This looks more of a forum overlapping glitch though, not quite texture c o r r u p t


Thanks! Yes it looks like forum or login problem. What happens if you tap above the white space? Does it go away? And does it come back again?


It doesn’t go away at all, I had to restart. The main menu UI seems to overlap the white screen, but the background isn’t. It doesn’t go away when I press the top, and doesn’t affect any gameplay.


The problem started when I tried to open forums, but multiple forums opened at same time, and when I closed them all, one remained or something. All 3 of the forums seem to over lap the UI, but the white screen doesn’t, could be a forum behind the UI.


This is not the same bug as the login problem on Android (now fixed), so I’m splitting into a separate bug report