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Game not working on Android


Guys I just re downloaded samurai wars again with the update and it won’t work only forum works and I added the update on 3 devices and only forum works nothing appears in the lobby what do I do and has this happened to anyone

Im back on thx for fixing in felix
Hay nikodil could you make a game based on rome and have many factions in it
The Mercenary Army

I’m actually having trouble too. When I start the game I don’t see any deployment spots. There are two matches going but I can’t watch them. Can you still access the practice, sandbox, and host option?


Actually it is all fine for me now.


Yes, there were some server issues, I restarted the server and it seems ok now.


I don’t have host but I can practice and and go on sandbox


It still doesn’t work nik


Make a new thread for it with more info about the problem.and your phone


It on three of my devices that’s the problem


What device brand/model and Android version are those?

I will do a new beta build later today that you can try. I will post an announcement when it’s ready.


Thx it’s ZTE sonata3 and Alcatel Idol3


Need to do a little more testing before I can release the beta, will try to get it up later today, I really want to get this working.


Thx nik


mr noremac how to find sandbox in the game
pls reply


When you start the game there is a play symbol in the middle. Press that to get more options.


ok thanks


Ok, the beta is up, version 180619.1717. This is kind of a beta preview, it should be playable, but there are a few known issues and I haven’t been able to update the corresponding server changes yet, need to fix that before making a formal announcement.

But please test and let me know if you get it working.


Ok thx so can I update now


Hqy felix I updated and it saise im offline


You could try to see if there’s any difference if you use WiFi vs cellular connections.

I’m suspecting that it can be some networking problem with IPv6 and NAT64, will try to address that and do a new build early next week.


Nothing has changed Felix what’s wrong with my game it just says offline and I can only creat maps and be on practice mode