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Game not working on Android


Are you on a cellular connection? If so, then I suspect it to be a networking problem related to how some mobile carriers work with IPv4 and IPv6 (which are the low level protocols that devices use to connect to internet servers).

It would be helpful if you try to connect with WiFi instead and let me know if that works. I’ll take a look and try to find a solution.


OK thx


There’s a new beta build for Android, version 180626.2000, with a fix that tries an alternative method of connecting to the server.

@TheHorseLord Please try this version and let me know if it works.


OK thanks a lot man your the only guy who try to fix problems on the app whene they ask him :grinning:


Thanks man a lot I had to restart my app store it wasnt the games fault thx for everything


what are you talking about horse lord


Well felix turns out it was a problem with my app store but my other phone says offline but that one has the beta for some reason


@TheHorseLord What version of the game are you using? (lower left corner of the screen).

Do you get it to work with the current beta (180626.2000)? Otherwise I broke something and need to fix that before releasing it.