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Game not working with Chrome


@Noremac i dont know why but i cant play on chrome anymore so i might have to pull out of tournement

The Warrior's Tournament
Blood Lotus Clan ❁ Recruiting

Ok. You have a couple of weeks before round 1 ends. You can join in any time.


have any idea what might be causing the problem?


You could try Firefox.


what that?? and anyway it worked until now


Firefox is another browser. In what way is it not working?


try it youll see i enter and dont get the option to play and it keeps on opening new tabs and closing it right away


Maybe pause your add blocker or see if something is stopping the sign in pop up from appearing. I can check on a computer tonight.


OK please do since i only play on computer


What version of Chrome are you using? And what version of Windows or macOS?

Try opening an incognito tab and see if it works there.


How do you not know what FireFox is? :joy:

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Think it’s working already it keeps on going on and off every few weeks


@Flick_Missile Ok

Did you it try with the incognito mode?

I have done some slight changes to the sign-in process, so it could be that it works better now. But if the problem pops up again, let me know.