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Great Conquest Of Europe 2.0


In This Continuation of Great Conquest Of Europe. You will be a leader of a nation with one sole goal annexing or puppeting all regions. You Have to to Choose 3 regions. Please do help with this continuation of Great Conquest Of Europe. (North Africa, Arabia, Netherlands and Belgium will be classified as one region.) The rules are the same as last time. Good Luck.



  1. HailTheSlayer = Sultanate of Hail (Dark Green) & Light Green ( Puppet States)


I take Greece Georgia,Bosnia,Albania and Serbia with this


How come you already have all of Turkey and northern africa


With no screenshots at all to pay for such expansion


I say you must show 4 screenshots to conquer a country unless you are invading another player


. Sorry I didn’t have more screenshots it got deleted somehow


Let’s reduce that to 2


Africa and Arabia are classified as one


In starting countries you may have 2-3 starting countries. You wanna join?