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Great Conquest of Europe


In this Role play every player has a chance to take one state of a country. I will appoint leaders to each country once you get majority of a country (at least 4 states) of the country you are conquering you can challenge the leader of that country. Here are the rules 1. After each victory the victor of the battle will have to take a screenshot of the battle he/she won 2. Once you have a country or have been appointed a leader any leader can declare war in order to take that country you must have one screenshot of each battle you won against that leader at least 3 battles then send me the name of your army and flag 4. If you dont have a state of the country your trying to conquer the leader of that country can ambush your army etc 5.


I would like russia


Sure thing just send me the name of your army name and your flag


And pick your color so i can highlight your country


Update 1


Poland please

#7 Join the discord so All the leaders can communicate easier





Here’s my flag


One man army join my discord the name is Great Conquest of Europe


I will take Norway


What’s your discord name


my flag and my armys name will be the Emerald Wardens and my color will be Green


Apologies i was otherwize engaged. But i will have to make a new discord afterwards i will join my color is blue. I will upload a picture of my flag and my armys name is the blue dragons



Use it within a day


I will post discord link every one day


Update Green=TheHorseLord Red=Grayrider64 Black=One Man Army Blue=Lord_Kiyan


If you own more than one country can appoint some as the leader of that country and anyone playing can make a clan for your countries. Join discord for more