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Great european war of colonization

Hi everyone it’s the ex ARF member Haider I hope you all remember me I was looking forward to start something like the territory war what we to use to do before, for the new members of the game anyone who want to join just tell me which country you want or area beside that country and tell me what will be your Nations colour and Nation name I will create the map in two or three days and I will post that map according to the decision that you all have made anyone who want to conquer the land should battle the owner of that land and tell which land they want no one can annex the whole nation without three battles only after you have won all the three battles you can an annex and send the screenshot of the victory in this page only


anyone wanna join just tell me

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Brother! I will join! Also you should make it have a Discord. @Grayrider64 @Haiderkhan

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Could I join? I’d like to do Belgium if I can.

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I would join but I’m a bit busy at the moment

Is this still going Or do you already ended?
If a new one starts plz tell me I would gladly join

Ok guys I will mark all ur countries wait for a moment

Welcome bro

Welcome brother tell me which country u want

It’s going tell me which country u want

I would like to be Portugal if it’s available

Brother Turkey and Syria if available

UK Please?

Get out of this forum you don’t play Samurai Wars no more.


Haiderkhan and pretty much all of you. You’re useless for not showing up on samurai wars takes this post of different forum site fools.
You all don’t play samurai all while that asshole Apex Shurda is still plaguing the game.

Well he is a big turn off, I stopped playing simply because I got bored and started playing total war

I play occasionally.

Sorry I got disappeared but Im in high school now so that’s why I have to study a lot but now my high school is going to end so I will be active