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Growing Trend of Annoying Strategy

Has anyone noticed a growing trend of players bunching thier army together and pushing through the centerline ? Because it’s really annoying since it can’t be stopped. Especially if your just starting moveing your men around and they come barreling toward you with a Mosh Pit of archers,spears,cav, etc

Yes, I noticed this, but surprisingly, I didn’t face that much people using this tactic

Its the easiest thing to stop…a shite, noob tactic…Like Bob the shogun said once…They are like fish in a barrel, shoot one shoot all!

Well, that’s kinda true, if you use your archers or/and matchlock Ashigaru well, you can inflict heavy casualties on the opponent and crush him, so it is a bit annoying, but it could still be easily defeated with good tactics

Yep , it’s not hard to counter, just annoying and takes away from the game.

I think it depends on how many noobs are online , other times I go up against players who camp right up against the out of bounds area .


The most annoying thing is the cowardess among players though…

Yeah, the actual most annoying thing is that even if they are super defensive or offensive, many simply, and cowardly levae the game. Like yes, sometimes they have to leave because they have to leave now, I myself did this like one or two times, but still, many leave and just, leave, and join another one, which is extremely annoying :expressionless::neutral_face::triumph:

Yes that is annoying

Thats the point of the game your free to use any tactic and the fun part is trying to overcome it

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Yes, true

I have to agree with Centurion Ratslayer!

Me too

When they blob charge, I shoot them for as long as possible and then attack each unit charging with a different melee unit. It’s important to single out.

I also do this, as well, I fire on them with archers and matchlock ashigaru (guns) as long as possible, then withdraw them and face them with my melee units