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Hash codes on victory


If some sort of unique hash was generated on victory then any currency, map war, or game that depends upon screenshots would be easier to automate. If the hash was a combination of information on the surviving troops, a start and stop timestamp, and an encryption key it would hold a lot of valuable information.

Upon victory there would be a button to copy the hash code onto the clipboard. Then it could be posted on the forum instead of a screenshot. This would be much easier and more light weight. With the hash alone I could make a tool for recording posted hashes that would help automate any meta game that someone creates.




Nice idea! As an alternative I’m thinking it would be possible that the server stores information about every match with playerIds, scenario conditions and outcomes, as some kind of json structure at some well-known and trusted public place.






Thanks bruh


This is a really good idea. I could easily aquire and use that sort of data. I have been thinking about making an automated map game next. I don’t think the bank will ever really take off until it is tied in with something else. Being able to get information on scenario conditions of a match will be good for the creation of map games and tournaments.


Did something like this ever happen?


Well, I’m actually implementing a comprehensive API to be able to write bots that are able to set up, observe, and take part in matches and battles. So the development has been taking some time, but I think I will be able to release parts of that functionality during Q3 and Q4.