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Have any of you been to Serbia?


I was playing a game kind of like HOI IV so I was turkey and I conquered all of the balkans accept for Serbia and this Serbian girl was Raging at me I tried to make a deal with her. But it never prevailed and in the end she was R A G I N G so much she said go hang yourself and god will punish you.
I said whose god mine or yours? Then she rage quit. So this begs the question Do Serbians get T R I G G E R E D a lot?


Sorry for the grammar


No most people get triggered the same way, just about different subjects if you said something offensive to her about Serbia then that might be the reason


Yeah actually I believe she might just be patriotic]

Btw i play hoi4 too


I’ve played a ton of paradox grand strategy games and a nifty Roblox game called Rise Of Nations


Greeks, bulgarians, serbians, albanians, bosniaks, croatians, all of my balkan peoples get easily triggered! Even romanians…


Turks get triggered easy as fuck…most nationalistic of all


No but i would like to if i did od go to the nearby countries like italy and France definitely greece


Yes…yes I know…lol…I’m half turk but still tirk


We are not that patriotic but if you offend my religion ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo…Thats what My Pakistani And arab side be like