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Hay nikodil could you make a game based on rome and have many factions in it


What does every one think about this @nikodil especially you


Im sure, if it were just that easy. I think theres alot to making a game you cant just simply create one so simply


I would love to adapt the game to other eras, such as Rome, Medieval, Napoleonic, and even WWII. I chose the Sengoku Jidai period because it’s easy to start with, with a few distinct unit types and the clans were not that different. The Rome and Medieval periods had more variation in army composition, so there needs to be an additional layer of factions that’s currently not in the game. But other than that the battle mechanics should be very similar to Samurai Wars, perhaps with the addition of cannons, ballistas, etc. Napoleonic and American Civil War have perhaps also similar mechanics with a few additions like canister, but will probably require a lot of rebalancing when shifting the focus from melee to skirmish battles. In order to implement WW I/II there will be quite a lot of new things to simulate, such as machine guns and armoured vehicles, and would also require a whole new take on fog-of-war.

All of this would be really cool to do, but one step at a time, first I need to get the basic feature set of Samurai Wars done.


well i guess i have to conquer all of japan first before conquering the whole world
ahhahaahah just a joke


Well just a game based on Rome all you would haft to do is add more factions like Greece,Macadon,Persia,Gaul,The Brit’s and the pics and Carthage it would be the best app game oh by the way I still can’t play but the weard thing was that my problem started with the first update

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Nikodil eternal respect for putting this game together man :facepunch:


You could do a game based on the big lebowski? The good dude throwing balls at the bad German?

  • Ancient Rome
  • Ancient Greece, Alexander the Great
  • Ancient China
  • Sengoku Jidai
  • Medieval Europe
  • Napoleonic
  • American Civil War
  • WW I
  • WW II
  • WW III
  • Fantasy
  • Sci-Fi
  • Big Lebowski

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OK, I feel it’s time for a vote, what’s you’r favorite


I like rome and greece but I would choose alexander cus there are factions I like a lot more but if rome wins I will use cartagenian army


Napoléon :fr::guardswoman::tanabata_tree:


Hay nikodil why don’t you add The Lord Of The Rings on to the voting poll


It’s not possible to add options, so use the Fantasy option.

Note: there are many things on the to-do list before I can start planning another mod, and I don’t know yet which one it will be, but I think it’s interesting to hear your opinions.


What era of Rome?


Whatever you just pick the faction you want to play


Hay so would there be factions in the new game


Is swiping well in infantry fights a feature does it effect the battle


sci-fi sucks…i hate futuristic scraps that wears so called steel armors and shoots colorful lasers…unchallenging.


mr nikodil i think you must see this
a roman game you can relate it in your next creation ive been played this a long time ago when my first smartphone was given to mescreen-4