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Here's an interesting battle I fought today

I fought an interesting battle like an hour ago or something. I fought the opponent at the central lake map, so I called it the battle of the central lake. We both had 15 units, including matchlock ashigaru (guns). We just spent some time organizing our forces, I established a strong defensive position, with the long range units at the front and the melee a bit behind them. I attempted to attack his vulnerable melee units with archers but his archers and cavalry were coming so I retreated, and this happened like two times or so. I did this once again for the third time, but this time not at the left, but at the right, as his troops were Advancing, with no archers with them and the matchlock ashigaru (guns) were not so close. I attempted this, and sent a unit of cavalry to protect from enemy cavalry which seemed to be going to charge, and they did. My archers fired a volley, missed, then retreated, but surprisingly, the enemy continued chasing, my cavalry chased his. And I also sent Katana Smaurai (Samurai with swords) to help, but I didn’t catch him till my archers finally stopped running. I also sent a unit of Yari Ashigaru (spear men) to assist as well, and the result was, complete annihilation of the enemy cavalry. Then I reorganised, and shortly after the enemy, all of a sudden decided that hey, I had enough let’s just charge. And, he did, even with a unit of archers, and his whole army, apart from most of his long range. I concentrated my troops against smaller amounts of his so I could crush him easily, piece by piece. And it worked. My matchlock ashigaru fired quite some good volleys on him, inflicting casualties on his troops. I finnaly repelled most of his attacks and started destroying what remained of his army. Until all his troops were finally eliminated.
Casualties: I lost like only one single unit of cavalry which charged into enemy archers but was a bit too destroyed and was repelled. While all enemy troops were destroyed. So basically the casualties ratio is like this 1/15

Tell me if you had an interesting battle today as well in the replies.