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Hey I’m going to be off for more time


Just to let everyone know I’m ok but anything I was involved in except clans I can not do I will probably be back in 3-4 weeks to a month or two I will try to come back as soon as I can and good luck to everyone.


Ok same to you


Wait, wat about the map?


He starts things and ends them before he even starts he’s had like 20 differant clans. I really doubt he will stick to map not trying to be an asshole just stating facts


Ok I have only 1 clan and no offense but I have better things to do than to play a game


And I am sorry if like cent said I start and end things


I just want to play the game when I can and try to be nice on the forum


And I’m going to probably going to be on near Christmas


Why don’t you just play on weekends


Lol i wasn’t talking to you @R.M.GTexas_Toast_18 i didnt even know you were still here on the game i forgot about you lol. I was talking about scipio


Oh I feel like an idiot lol