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Hog a gaming revolution

Should drag HOG into this game as well

Please remember HOG is not a clan to put it

A clan would be a store but HOG is the company

Basically hog is a group of clans grouping together at one cause each clan has their own rules but because of ties with hog the clans get to work together and also get to participate in more planned event’s along with information sharing and also new laws and rules with also a justice system

To contact me go threw Kik it’s a free app on the phone my kik is maskmask11

Yes, they are working on that, a center alliance with one supreme leader that decides everything

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We are talking about that here.

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@Gral.Edward this is an example below This is whats called territory wars are substitute for campain modeworld you may conquer territory grow your empire

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Can I get a piece of land in africa

You should probably post a blue victory screenshot since that is South on the color compass

Uh thats purple

Is there even anyone purrple online?

Can I spread west with this?

You would need a boat or alot of screenshots +you would be pushing into my territory and im afraid i cant have that the best safest route to africa would be to head east to the boat territory Basilia

build your account for a boat 35 gold
and buy a boat sail to africa by land would take many screens

Boats offer the ability to attack a road/field territories or have a quick means to attack or defend

Im pretty sure this isnt territory wars forum but ok

Cool how can I have it?

You need 35 gold to buy it in territory shop. Just let centurion know when you got the gold.

Rules and laws! I got only one thing for that…fuck the law!