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Honorable Guidelines


All is fair in love and war. However, certain standards of what is Honorable and Respectable are held highly. These are just some thoughts I have on accountability and battle etiquette. Feel free to suggest, and post pics of players’ transgressions.

  1. Drawing out the game by running away: There are times when it makes sense to reposition, fall back, garner your forces, rebuild moral, etc. Sometimes good players are able to beat the other player with only a few units left by continually moving and firing arrows, this is ok as long as the enemy doesn’t have many units left. If your enemy has way more units than you, admit defeat. Sure you might be able to win, but if it takes an hour of running just give up. There is no point in running, when you can end your game and start over anew.

  2. Ending a Game: Just say GG, no need to be salty if you lost or gloat if you win.

  3. Defensive Tactics: Being a defensive player is not necessarily frowned upon and you will most likely win most of the time playing defensively as it is much much easier to win. That being said if you never go on the offensive and always camp a hill with cover and wait for the enemy to come to you, then it’s time for you to change it up.

  4. Losing: It is ok to lose. Pretty much summing up the previous. Losing is great. This game isn’t black and white, while strategy and skill help there is still a fair amount of luck. Don’t be to down because of a loss. Don’t be afraid to try new strategies, or to take risks. Ultimately people who are afraid of loosing make uninteresting opponents and usually end up doing one of the transgressions listed here.

The greatest conquest of all time

All is fair in love and war

No rules :shinto_shrine: :eye: :shinto_shrine:

Whatever tactic you use / works for you is all that matters

You want to run around the map for three hours …Go for it

You want to gloat …Go for it

You want to be salty and not say Good Game (GG) …Go for it

You want to camp a hill every map …Go for it

To the victor goes the spoils


Not rules, guidelines. Anyone can obviously do whatever they want. Simply suggestions for etiquette. If you run away every match no one will want to play with you though(at least I won’t)


A draw lol


And to add, quitting before the game barely started without giving yourself a chance is not nice aswell!


Wow the nerve of that guy

I would of caught him though just saying



those matchsticks would have shredded his cav but it does suck having 2 chase people makes me wish units had a sheild wall of anykind or stamina when only projectiles and cav are left to avoid long drawn out games like ths i do hate when people run that have no chance thy just do it to be assholes thats y i post tips so people will be better and not have 2 resort in ths bitch ass coward technique of fleeing just to make u mad cause thy cant play due to lack of knowledge thats y i proposed C.G rules to make it even 4 the unskilled bit no 1 ever reads forum seems like and i like when people talk shit it makes the victory so much better and if there any good competitive