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How do clans work


Im not familiar with the clans on here,and i would appreciate someone who is to explain how they work.
Is there an official way to create one ,or is it just something that anyone can create?
Is there any form of administration in any of them?


In this game clans are simply a group of players that decide to play together under a common name as a single organization. There is no official registry and in fact many clans play multiple games and this is just one of many. Anyone can “create” a clan and typically use the clan section of this forum, private messages and/or discord to administrate/organize it.

In the long-term future, I might add support for a clan registry in order to properly support things like clan challenges and clan wars.

What exactly are clans?

Thank you. Also is there a way to prevent people from claiming a clan they were not recruited by?


Yah now that i think about it thats a dumb question