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How do you go online?

I can’t get online plz help

Could you describe what happens? Are you able to click Change Profile? If you could take a screen shot that would be helpful

I am able to now thank you for creating this game I have so much fun playing it although have you watched the last samurai bc there are rifles in it that would be a nice addition to the game

Great! yes, I have seen The Last Samurai (several times actually), and I especially love music by Hans Zimmer.

Yes! Finally someone else who takes an interest in the movie

I think it would be great to have other units and maybe forts and castles or maybe even a campaign

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Oh and one more thing how do you change the profile picture?

I changed my account lol

I keep changing my name but when I do it makes me sign into Facebook but I do not wish to do so and I do not have a Facebook account

Go to you can get a profile pic on there


Oh and its Mroz lol

Not Mroyz

I know I tried to change it but it keeps asking for my Facebook account and I don’t have one

Go to settings by pressing your profile on forum

And also add [SOF] infront of your name

You should be able to login with just the username (or email) and password

Nikodil Felix uhhh I think you should update the game so there will be a Settlement map

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I’m currently working on ways to add strategic layers to the game play. It won’t be the conventional campaign map as seen in other games (at least not initially), but something simpler that works well with the scope of a mobile online game.

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