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How do you play on custom maps?


How do you play on custom maps?


You have too donate. 1 doller gets you 10 days


How do you donate?


Hey cent u wanna join my role play


You can do that on


How to donate


Will there come a time where donating to use custom matches will be erased? I completely understand if it doesn’t though.


It depends on the developer’s


It’s a useless scam that’ll waste your money. Even Total War makes its customs battles available for everyone who owns the game and not waste their money with donations just to get only 10 days when in Total War they can have the customs forever.


I keep hearing from a lot of players that this game has huge potential. Although that’s of course very inspiring, it makes me a little bit nervous. This game has a strong focus on online play, and there’s quite a complex server infrastructure behind the scenes in order to make this possible. These servers cost money, and although I’m greatly thankful for those who have backed the game during early access, that support has only been enough to cover a small part of the operational costs. So far the player base has been small enough that I can pay for the servers out of my own pocket, but if there would be a substantial growth I need a way to cover the increasing costs or I would have to shut down those servers.

I’ve decided for a kind of hybrid free-to-play + pay-per-use model instead of an up-front payment, because that makes most sense in my case. Paying for upgrades would be silly, and I’m not doing ads, because my business would then be selling players attention to advertisers, and that would require game design desicions directly in conflict with the deisgn goals I have.

The game is still in development, and will be for a long time. Pace has been slower than I wanted, because I do have a another day job that pay the bills. But the new Patreon page is up and running, it is integrated with the game and gives you instant access to custom hosting. With enough support I will be able to devote more time and speed up the development.