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How to make a functioning clan


There are many reasons for a clan but to have an effective clan there should be a purpose there are many ways to give it a purpose. I have created a game that can be played called territory advancements or Noremacs warrior bank there any screenshot with a general alive in it will recieve gold, here you can use screenshot of any battle won they are not required to be on the map like in territory advancements game
The worrior bank acts like a bank that = currency wich can be attained also by state income by (1)occupying a state territory in Territory Wars2(TA) map by (2)defeating any+ players on map(3) challenge a player for territory in a spacific area on the map if your in logo range,
name the state the exact way its spelled on board the location using the north east .exst.

or join tournaments or bet another active player on a upcoming battle or your own for money alart noremac so the change can be seen in bank. If you are unskilled and can’t defeat players that arnt on (TA) map because some players on the map are challenging you can build your bank account by defeating random players

useing currency
to buy state territory13 gold or road territory 5gold but this has no state currency being its a road but it lets you expand to get near territory you want. Currency can be spent on the map to purchase castles, towers and boats even territory the more people you have in the clan the more currency you can build, its importaint to play alot if you arnt that passionate about the game you shouldn’t start a clan. If you are there is an economy to build wealth there is territory to gain prestiege and show your strenght. Build your Empire find players that are good if you are not good its best not to call yourself clan leader insted ask players to start a clan with you if a player is really good you can ask him to lead and you act as a recruiter to your clan building strenght till you become skilled then challenge the clan leader for leader title and reighn supream

What ever your purpose play as much as possible read tips to understand the machanics there are tricks or tips that have been tried and tested by me i use these tactics on the field if you ever see me you can see them at work although sometimes i lose but not frequently.

Never be afraid to lose there is NO shame in losing even if someone bash’s you message me and i can fight in your name as a mercenerry and i will aid in your conquest for a price or free if your a eiger to learn player. therre are many ways to win the best can impose there will on good players or can buckle an army from cav on down.

I will be creating forum based games that will act to test your skills in any given field im always trying to creat games to add more fun to this games since there are so many different ways to play and even more if others are willing to follow made up rules there are infinate possibilities. I will likly be here since its the few games i play if not the only its a the greatest chess games that when understood by both competing players can be intence and be played with genious skill turrain can be used to change games the battle can last a few minutes or many.