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How would everyone react to a retro styled central RP territory map?

I think it would be a bit of fun to have a centralized map to keep progress on say, a member is a pixels worth of land, or perhaps each victory scores you so many squares of land based on your remaining units, as four would be four additional pixels taken from the enemy with that victory? And perhaps a screenshot proof system to show evidence on the victories, it would also give all of the roleplay elements of the game a fair shot including the battalions, regiments and divisions posted in most major or serious clans/factions. Also I can design the map to hold as much territory as needed, meaning simply state several forms of geography, smal territories large territories islands canals, etc.


Ok , but it could be inaccurate

Depends on what it ends up becoming. I figure it would end up being a combined probably 16x16 textures map of all factions that join in combined into a single map

Beyond my comprehension as a lowly noob but I want to say it sounds amazing


Well I am collecting as many images of the maps as possible and seeing if I can’t just get it all inside of a 180x180 canvas

Cool if their was more Japanese sengoku Jidai roleplay in game I say cool

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Dang peer pressure alright I like it

Well I need everyone who is going to be in this to PM/DM Me your faction or clan name, an image of your nation, your clan or faction population in members. I’m working on a mini game for something right now but I need that information to begin anyways

Aight , but will be on vacation next week

Wish I had vacation lol, I’m designing a small mini game for fun, may use TelKet to make it into a stable video game, a really simplified edition of kriespiel

Congrats on that victory man!

I am interested in this.

Send me an image or an idea on your faction clan or nation’s land and I will add it into the map in some way, currently have ococoria on it and a few dummy continents for expansion by screenshotted victories

This is the emblem for my own nation called Normania.

Do you have a map for your nation? I wanted to first try just impmimenting all the clan maps into one big world map.

Alright, sound cool though this will be my first big RP.

No. I am thought the main incentive was to grow your territory from scratch.

Alrighty, what is your favourite colour and do you like being pushed up against another nation or alone border wise. So far I have united islands, ococoria , and normania, @Blue_Eye, your nations name?

Your nation’s name?

Shimazu Clan
Shogun: Shimazu Yoshihiro
Population: 374,000 (Estimation)
Full Army Compatibility: 100,302
Land: Mountainous, few grasslands for farms, south western area covered with ocean waters.
Border: North of the clan has a rival (Have another clan positioned there)

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