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I am back m8s and I miss the clan

How is the clan and everybody and also I am wiser in the arts of war

What clan are you from???

he was rmg(sof), horselord’s clan

And lol what does sof stand for?:sweat_smile:

It was a weak, pathetic clan with no standards and a weak power hungry leader that was afraid of the battlefield! That boy Zhao Yun though, whatever happened to him…he could play!

That was my prime :joy:. Taught your leader all he knew, but he never could beat me. Zhoa was a good player though I feel he’s around and I’ve played him recently I run into a guy every now and then with his style

Finding a decent general now a days ia hard let alone a great one

I used to be in SOF. Glad to see u r still around Centurion and chikacrni

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What about me?:sweat_smile:

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