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I am getting bored, how about a Crusades roleplay!

You choose which Crusade you want (But not first) as well as which state you want, either crusader or Muslim, I will choose a Muslim one, depending on which era I will choose what Muslim state I want to choose, because I am a Muslim. Tell me what crusade you want, or what year you want, except the 1st crusade.

that sounds cool, i wanna be the sultanate of Rum

What Crusade do you want، but not the first

You know what, it will be the second crusade, I will play as the Zingids “Second Crusade - Wikipedia” Second Crusade - Wikipedia(1147%E2%80%931150,I%20of%20Jerusalem%20in%201098. And this is the link, for the second Crusade so you could know more about it

Who else wants to join the roleplay and what side and nation will you choose, also if you don’t know much about the 2nd crusade, you can know more through the link I sent. Please join. PLEASE