Join our server

I am new are this game really


Thats cool, you can play with some random players to begin with


Or ask some clan leaders for strategies and hoe to play the game


Noremac was first battle




He gives out free training, you might consider joining his clan since he is recruiting


There is a wealth of knowledge to be found on the forum. Check out the help section. If you are interested in joining a clan I can help train you. I just posted a detailed description on one of my strategies in our thread.


Can zi advertise for my clan?


I really just like the strategy plus I’m a Ross


A Ross?


I think he said he is ross


Sure go advertising


Ross is a clan in real life


Dont got a clan?
Lonely on the forums?
Worry no more! Just join RMG!
We give out free cookies, free coke, and free training!
A place to stay and a place to call home.
Call 1344-5000 now and get a free squad!


Hey I’m actually a clan leader on multiple games


Cool, what games?


Halo is one Z girls is another and evony of course I kinda gave up on them after they got to big


Cool, I play gmod


When you reach clan limit and make more accounts to keep growth up and you fill 3 clans of 50 you have to many members




Then it’s time to put it down