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I hate this cowardness!

My god, I just hate what is happening, players became so coward. They all just leave with out any fight, or with little fighting. I just fought a battle now, the enemy made several charges, all of them failed, which resulted in the destruction of several units, then he just left. This is the second time in one day! And I remember a battle I fought before the opponent charged and I destroyed one unit of Yari Ashigaru (spear men), then he just…left. I am really mad. Sometimes players have to suddenly leave, I mean, I did this one or two times, but because they just have to leave now because some important real life stuff. But they are all just leaving, and sometimes join another game! Like, they don’t even have to leave, and they leave, just like that!! Which drives me CRAZY!!

This annoys me too. And it’s not like you can’t win with fewer troops either. I do it all the time.


Plenty of bitch made players unfortunately…


Why not just make a charge!?

Yeah, why not

I had this thread, for screenshots of cowards fleeing the battlefield! It was a thread dedicated to the cowards!
But…Nikodil thought it was politically incorrect to shame cowards and took it down!
:man_shrugging: Swedes…