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I’m a new player looking for advise


Yo! Does anyone have any good tactics I can use in the battle field??! Only just got it! Anyways, thanks and message me if you want a game. (You will win) :+1:


The first tactic you should get down is keeping your army together and attack as a unit. Make sure your archers and gunsmen are in front so you can deal as much damage from afar. Always look for the best terrain, usually high ground and trees. Don’t attack the enemy if you are doing so at a disadvantage.

Use your cavelry at the very beginning to harras the enemy archers so that you have more time to set up. Don’t let the cavelry die needlessly though.

Splitting your army in two groups is dangerous, but sometimes nessesary to attack the enemy when they are on the high ground. I recommend waiting on using this strategy until you get better at the mechanics.

Once you are good at using all your units together try to take the high ground as soon as the match begins. Attacking your enemy before they can get set up will give you an advantage. You can use your archers cavelry as a scout to figure out where to set up the rest of your ranged units.

Lastly, take the battle to the opponents side of the field and be aware of where your own troops will flee if they are routed. Doing this will give your troops more time to recover if routed and your opponent will die faster. Good luck and have fun!


good point never thought of it that way


And protect the general! The star unit.
Moral suffers if that unit dies.


If your general dies, you are pretty much through. One of my katana samurai defeated one samurai, one cav, and an ashigaru- all by itself, because the enemy general was dead and lots of other units were routing too. Routing creates routing! Also, if you attack with your general it provides a large morale boost, and units near your general fight much better. BUT DoNT OVeR uSe HIm! JUST DON’T! When you do use him, use him like katana cavalry- attacking, pulling back, charging In again over and over.