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Ideas for new maps


Let me know whar kind of map design ypu want and ill make it to battle


Battle of Vienna, battle of Waterloo,


I just made a map


Seige map




Horns of Hattin


And Battle of Toúrs


See Rodrik it’s impossible to hide and avoid in this game so you might aswell man up…in other case you would really have to hide in your custom full time and quit playing default because…well you know how it works! There will be a lot of “you’re trash” comments! Remember when you last wrote that…? It took only 3 minutes…


Coming from a man that blobs up his troops and rushes so you dont really have much to say


And as a matter of fact i beat you on a default soo what exactly is your point


It was a glitchy barely playable session which affected how the units performed, you know exactly what I mean!


And by the way this is a blob next to a formation, I dont blob


Take care, See you on the battlefild where I’ll have your ass…